Sobriety has allowed me to become the woman I have always wanted to be, but couldn鈥檛 because of alcohol and everything that it masked. SELF does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.


I attended daily AA meetings for the first ninety days. Later, I cut back to three to four meetings a week as I returned to taking call at work. At the appropriate time, with the guidance of my sponsor, I was able to make amends to everyone I had harmed, including myself. When I first got sober, I spent the first year finally seeing myself in a way that I had been completely unaware of. And I actually felt a huge relief when I realized what my problem was because I felt like I finally had a solution.

Brett A馃コ 2 Years Sober 馃く

Stuck in a cycle of achieving success and self-sabotage. It took a near death experience to accept recovery.

I grieved the girl that would have had champagne at her wedding and red wine on vacation in Italy. No matter how much I knew I absolutely needed to leave her behind, it was really hard. Addiction takes a sledge hammer to your confidence because you lose all control and constantly break promises to yourself. My confidence took longer to build back , but it鈥檚 one of the more noticeable changes I see in myself. For about the first 7 days, I felt like a shell of a human being. It was Groundhog day over and over and over and over again.

Three Inspirational Recovery Stories

A musician and surfer diagnosed with epilepsy. Always striving to function in society to avoid having to stop drinking.

Dave Coulier: The Gift of Sobriety – Guideposts

Dave Coulier: The Gift of Sobriety.

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In 2013, my boyfriend, myself and my son could no longer afford our apartment so we moved in with his mom. She made it clear that we needed to stop drinking.

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It turns out that she was right and, in the most surprising way, I鈥檓 glad she was. On a daily basis, I have to stick to a morning routine that includes not looking at my phone for the first hour, journaling, The Daily Stoic, and a long walk. I pay attention to my nervous system throughout the day. I go to therapy every other week, consume a ton of mental health content, and am always in connection with other sober people. Those new connections have been a gift for me.

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Before I got sober, I remember thinking that sober people were boring. I thought sober people didn鈥檛 go out, that they didn鈥檛 do anything, and I was honestly weirded out by people who didn鈥檛 drink. I think it鈥檚 important for people to know that just because I鈥檓 sober doesn鈥檛 mean I鈥檓 dead. I go out dancing, I鈥檓 100% me, I can literally do everything I did before except I just don鈥檛 drink.

Relationships will change.

I had a miscarriage, I was so out of touch I sobriety success stories even know that I was pregnant. My University asked me to leave and everything came to a halt. It was the catalyst that led me to surrender. 鈥淕rowing up, I had a lot of insecurity. I couldn鈥檛 cope with looking in the mirror.

  • The young girl ended up in the foster care system, where she was physically and sexually abused.
  • I was one of those people who if someone put something in front of me, I would take it.
  • If you believe you or a loved one is suffering from drug or alcohol abuse, we can help.
  • I began hiding bottles in the garage and under the seat of my car so I always had access to alcohol.
  • It gave me the confidence that other people seemed to possess naturally.